QEH Management System Policy

ADDITIVE CIRCUITS (S) PTE LTD is committed to comply with requirements and to maintain the effectiveness of the Quality Management Systems.


Managing the system of Quality, Environment, Health and Safety is our prime responsibility.
ADDITIVE CIRCUITS (S) PTE LTD is committed to QEHS performance with our scope of operation in: Manufacturing Printed Circuit Boards.


This quality/ medical device, environment, health and safety policy will be implemented for the purpose of ensuring the quality for the customer, protection of the environment, safety and protecting the health of all employees in the factory.


We shall pursue the QEHS management system with;

A Adhering and complying
with customer quality requirements, EHS legislation, Work Place Safety and Health Regulations and any other applicable requirements.
D Developing programs
with customers and vendors to achieve our QEHS objectives.
D Defining clear communication channel
to promote consultation and participation of workers, vendors and interested parties through proper communication channels.
I Innovatively generate continual improvement efforts
to meet customer needs, protecting the environment, prevent pollution and to improve and maintain an effective quality management system, ensuring safe and healthy working conditions.
T Training all concern parties
in understanding their QEHS obligations.
I Implementing the QEHS Management Systems
by setting the benchmarking performances, objectives and targets eliminate hazards and reduce OH&S risks.
V Venturing on methods
in preventing air pollution and land contamination, encouraging waste reduction and practices reuse and recycle principles for operating machineries, compressors and processing equipment.
E Excel in all aspect and operations
Striving for commitment to providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health, meeting zero EHS incident record, achieving excellence in the quality of our products and is appropriate for the manufacturing of the PCB board activities.