FAQ on our Company

How long has Additive Circuits been in business?

The company was originally formed in 1986 with a start-up capital of SGD$750,000. It has grown from a double-layer printed circuit board manufacturer to a high mix low volume printed circuit board manufacturer,

What is your manufacturing output capacity?

We are a medium-sized company with a workforce of 100 and is capable to produce 50 000 pieces per part number,

What is your manufacturing facility?

Additive Circuits has a plant area of 80 000 sq ft with a built in area of 45 000 sq ft.

How do I request for a quotation or place an order?

You can send files to the sales department.

1) Via Email: Attach files to an email message and send to ftoh@additive-circuits.com
2) Via the Web: Navigate to our website at www.e-additive-circuits.com and click on our Quotations link.

What data files are required?


We require either fabrication drawings, or a physical description of the board (e.g. board size, thickness of the board, layer counts, type of material and types of finish).

Please feel free to use our Web Quotation form at www.e-additive-circuits.com.


We require a complete data package (ALL data needed for engineering and manufacturing your design) be sent to us before we can start your order.
This includes but is not restricted to all necessary artwork data files, drill files, fabrication drawings, array/subpanel drawings, layer order, netlist data and any other special instruction.

Any data files, drawings or pertinent information that is missing from your data package may delay your delivery.

What are the acceptable file formats?

Artwork Data Files

Gerber (274X or 274D) or Valor ODB++ format.

Drill Files

Gerber, Valor ODB++, ASCII or Excellon format.

Fabrication and Array/Subpanel Drawings

Gerber, Valor ODB++, PDF (Acrobat Reader), HPG, HPGL or DXF formats.

What is the maximum PCB size you can fabricate?

The maximum board size for Standard production run is 20″ x 25″ and the maximum board size for Engineering run is 20″ x 31″.

What is your Standard production run and what is your Engineering production run?

Standard Run

Our standard run refers to the mass production after prototyping,

Engineering Run

Our Engineering run refers to production that requires tighter specifications and control.

Do you allow several different part numbers to be placed together on the same set of tooling and run them on the same order?

You are welcome to panelize circuit boards together to make one order. However, each panel is limited to 3 designs and they should be pre-panelized together before sending to us. Additional engineering charges will apply if Additive Circuits is requested to tool different part numbers together within the same array (if feasible).

What Additive Circuits have via pluggings capabilities?

Additive Circuits offers epoxy via plugging as well as soldermask via plugging.

Does Additive Circuits provide scoring and tab routing service?

Yes. We offer V-cut (scoring) angle of 30 degrees. V-cut is used when boards are placed side-by-side within the array with zero spacing between boards. Please note that only straight edges can be scored (angle, radius or circular cuts are not possible).


Tab routing refers to arrays or sub panels, where one or more boards are panelized together for assembly handling. After assembly the boards are cut out or snapped apart.

Does Additive Circuits provide Electrical Testing?

Additive Circuits sends all boards to a third party for Electrical Testing

Does Additive Circuits have an in-house laboratory and microsection capabilities?

Our in-house process control laboratory is capable of analyzing the chemistry of all processes. We are also competent to perform in-process and final microsection preparation and analysis.

Do you follow any standards for fabrication of boards?

Additive Circuits manufactures their boards according to IPC-6012, Class 2 and inspected per IPC-A-600, Class 2. Should there be a requirement for Class 3, please indicate on the RFQ or fabrication drawing sent to Additive Circuits for quote.

Are you UL approved?

We are UL approved (flammability rating 94V-0).

Are you MIL-P-55110 approved?

No, we do not have military approval but we can produce boards per IPC Class 3 standards if required. We are able to produce this standard class because we use the same materials, specifications and processes. Please indicate this requirement on the RFQ or fabrication drawing sent to us for quote.

What CAM software do you use?

We use GC-Powerstations and UCAM.